Friday 28 December 2012

Spin and rinse

Rapha Festive 500
Another 50km towards my goal of 500km before New Years day...

I needed a rest and didn't get out on my bike until 8:30am today.  I could hear the rain on the window again which wasn't conducive to leaving the comfort of a warm duvet, but the main reason why I needed a rest was because I drove a 6 hour roundtrip yesterday to see my parents.

Out on the bike it took 9 miles of spinning my legs at over 90rpm before the muscles on the back of my thighs (biceps femoris) began to warm up.  The best thing for stiff legs - a hard climb - and the road up to Sharpenhoe Clappers is one of the local 'ball busters'.

I can't be criticised for finding easy, flat routes for the Festive 500 challenge and, despite the hills and remnants of flooding, I noticed my average speed was better than on my previous two rides.  I don't have an explanation other than perhaps I ride slower in the dark.  
Today's effective piece of kit was the 'Butt Fender' fitted under my saddle.  The rain showers and standing water didn't deter me from taking my titanium bike (sans garde-boue/without mudguards) out again and the fender kept  my backside relatively dry.
Stewartby brick works - for sale. Grade 2 listed chimneys and kiln.
Back at home and my cycling clothes went straight into the washing maching in preparation for the next three days' planned 100km consecutive pedals.

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  1. Keep going Buddy, you can do it.

    The Brompton Badger (M.B.)