Tuesday 9 October 2012

Hand me downs

An acquaintance in a sports car club once told me that each year he would change the oil in his car, the used oil would then go into his motorbike and the used motorbike oil would go into his lawn mower.

My Brompton is the lawn mower and my Basso (ashamedly) is the metaphoric motorbike.

I took the brake pads out of the Planet X CNC callipers on the Basso and fitted them to the Brompton.  The CNC callipers then went into the 'shit that stinks' box and I fitted the Ultegra callipers handed down from my Chinook.

Somewhere along the line though I had misplaced the brake pads.  In fact, I think they had made their way onto the Brompton and were the worn set I just replaced with the version that don't stick.

I had spotted some very cheap brake cartridges on a pedal to the Grafham Water cycle shop, so I decided to buy from them online even just to get new fittings and cartridges.  The anodized alloy cartridges don't quite match the paintwork but they are a close match to the 'HAND MADE IN ITALY' font colour.

If the pads aren't any good then I shall just buy a set of trusted Shimano replacements and put the old ones on the Brompton.

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