Saturday 6 October 2012

European posteria Man-satchel alternative

Rule #29 of the Velominati states saddle bags have no place on a road bike.

However, I have learned a few lessons in all of my years of riding and I like to be prepared for any punctures or mechanicals. So I carry ID, a phone, money, two inner tubes, patches, tools, a CO2 canister and inflator.  All of which could go in my jersey pocket but I've also experienced crashes and landing on your back with a pocket full of tools tends to hurt. 

I have decided that some sort of tool bag is essential but wanted to try avoiding breaking rule #29. The photograph of The Boot gave me an idea.

I decided on a tool roll which would give me the option of mounting it under my saddle or in a bottle cage (if I was on a shorter ride).

Rapha sell a tool roll, but when I was searching on the interweb I found the Mopha which had positive reviews. I pressed buy it now and waited for a little over two weeks for it to arrive from Seattle.

I'm quite pleased with the tool roll. Retrospectively the price of (some) exclusivity might be a tad high and perhaps I should have purchased the Rapha version.

For information:
Mopha tool roll £29.90
USPS P&P £6.34

The add-on which tips it over the comparable price:

"Customs charges are applied to imports into the EU with a value over £15 for VAT. All items valued over £135 will attract import duty. Imported gifts valued over £40 sent between private individuals will also attract VAT".

Excise duty £4.76
Royal Mail international fee £8.00

Total cost £49.00. 

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  1. The Mopha tool roll is now available in the UK, here: