Thursday 16 August 2012

I've found my Mojo

After a two week holiday in the Pyrenees and a week working from home I'm back on the Brompton commute and paused at the Tower of London to take a tourist photo:

My legs are feeling good and I think I have the form to better last year's time at the Brompton world championships but that wasn't the case early last week.

I tested the legs on my 17 mile Long lane training ride and the outcome was disappointing.  It may have been the blustery weather or that my legs had been accustomed to climbs, or maybe even some remaining side effects of the food poisoning, but I only managed an 18.6mph average.

Panic! I repeated the ride each evening and by the end of the week, thankfully, my average speed had increased to 20.3mph, getting close to my personal best on the bumpy route.

I realise that the low geared S2L is going to be a handicap in the race, especially on the long downhill section but I'll be able to compare my time on Sunday like-for-like with last year's.

I put the Grrr in grimpeur, baby!

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