Thursday 22 March 2012

Stella design

Two huge items of interest on the morning Brompton commute today.  Firstly, I had to look twice because a warship parked next to another is weirdly camouflaged, but I think it is HMS Sutherland moored next to HMS Belfast.  Secondly, there was a bit of activity at the Tower of London and the biggest bouncer I have ever seen was acting official next to the Beefeaters.  He was wearing an Adidas lanyard. What's that all about...

The new Team GB kit was unveiled at the Tower today ahead of the London Olympics.  I should have asked the bouncer what was going on.  Instead, I missed the opportunity to see Sir Chris, Lizzie A. and some of our other medal contenders modelling the new kit designed by Stella McCartney.

I wonder if Chris Boardman had a hand in the design or colour proposals.  I imagine the dark blue is less obvious in an athlete's peripheral vision as team GB charge past and onto the podium.

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