Tuesday 28 February 2012

5 rings

There was quite a crowd in the park this evening, enjoying the Spring-like weather and something moored in the Thames...

I went on to take two scalps in the silly commuting race on Lower Thames Street, one on a fixed and the other on a white Cannondale (who jumps red lights and gives cyclists a bad name).


  1. I'm looking forward to the Olympics. We were lucky enough to get tickets for the track and will get to watch the sprint finals!

    Definitely need to meet up for a ride some time. Although time is a bit of an issue for me a moment with the arrival of Poppy. Have you planned to ride any local Audax/Sportive events? Maybe I could join you on one.

    Enjoyed reading through your blog. But I must admit I'm slightly jealous of you having to flip a coin to decide which of those bikes to ride :)


  2. Hi Tom,

    Other than l'Ardechoise, this year I've got some training planned in the Pyrenees to tick off more tour climbs but no UK endurance events booked.

    Do you want to come to do l'Ardechoise?

    I need to build on the miles before June so I may do Evans Cycles Ride-It Hatfield and Milton Keynes as they are close to me.

    Have you ridden the Rutland CiCLE sportive? I've not ridden that one but, if convenient, we could meet up to do the 100 miler on 28-April.