Sunday 19 February 2012

Must be serious - no coffee stop

My training has moved up a gear; 2 commutes, 1 lunchtime road ride and a Reliability ride completed during the week.  Total mileage 127.

The Beds road club reliability ride was as popular as ever and the sign-on queue was out of the door when I arrived.  I paid my £2 and started the ride feeling strong, passing a few riders on the road to Ireland until I caught a group of 8, mostly from CC Luton.  I stuck with this group for the ride sweeping up a few others and overcame the urge to stop at the cafes en route. 

With the 12 miles to the start and then back, I banked a good 88 miles today.  My legs felt better than I expected but my shoulders were aching by the time I got home.  I need to lose some weight off my head :-)

Training plan underway and if I can stick to a diet to lose 1lb a week then I'll feel more confident of completing l'Ardechoise.

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