Tuesday 21 February 2012

Commuting with a smile

No train problems, sunshine, London fashion week, my legs are feeling good, I'm back on my own Brompton and  I arrived in London a little later than normal - all adds up to a great commute today...

My commuting route navigates by the old Billingsgate market, currently the venue for many of the London fashion shows.  It was fun dodging around the young ladies wearing their short designer labels ;-)
The Beefeaters gave me a nod of appreciation for walking through the Tower. I shall try to get one of them to sit on my Brompton and pose for a photograph one morning.
Further along my route I spotted another Brompton owner in the King Edward VII memorial park. He was sat on one of the benches overlooking the Thames presumably planning his day whilst smoking a pipe. Quite a rare sight nowadays and it raised another smile.

In the same park an Oriental man was unloading his bicycle at the small pavilion. He'd already set up his CD player and a mat and was preparing to do some form of Tai-Chi using a long pole.

Then to complete a perfect morning commute I got any easy tow down the North Colonade in Canary Wharf from another cyclist; a fat man wearing a suit.  Big grins.

No scalps lost and five taken.

P.S. What should I give up for lent?

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