Monday 9 January 2012


Last year I used my Brompton S2L to commute on approximately 175 days, covering about 2,000 miles.  The alternative would be to use the DLR at a cost of £900 per annum.

The fun part of the day for me is my cycle home and the Silly Commuting Racing.  I think many other cyclists are surprised at how fast a small-wheeled folding bicycle can travel and I regularly 'win the scalps' of other cyclists.

In general, the little bicycle has been reliable but today, the 5th commuting day of 2012, a puncture!

Repairing a puncture on a Brompton is not simple and not something you'd like to do on the roadside, especially the job of getting the tyre back on the rim.  The ideal tool for the job is the Var tyre lever.  On this occasion (only the 2nd puncture in 18 months) it happened on my doorstep.

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