Sunday 6 January 2013

More unusual bike photography

When I was about 5 years old my parents bought me my first bicycle without stabilisers.  It was a Moulton Mini, red with a white saddle and bar grips.  I read the obituary of Alex Moulton last month and it brought back memories of my bike and I even did a search on the Internet for images of 1960's red Moulton bicycles.

Coincidentally, today I sat in The Hub enjoying a superb slice of cake and an awesome double shot latte when a gentleman walked in the door pushing a Moulton Mini.  The bicycle looked like new; the green paintwork gleaming and I couldn't resist striking up a conversation with the owner.  He had brought it in for Simon to do some work on it and, whilst there, it was mentioned to a local photographer who is producing a forthcoming book and he was there today to take pictures.

I had arrived at the cafe during a quiet period but it began to fill up with groups of cyclists so I made to leave and was about to wish Simon goodbye when the photographer enquired about my cycle background and bike collection with an interest in adding a further photograph for his book.  It clearly is a small world as in a 10 minute chat we had established that we had joint friends (outside of the cycling fraternity) and that his daughter even lived in the same town as me.  So arrangements have been made for a possible photo session of one or two of the bikes in my garage.

As I made to leave, there was a bit of interest in my Basso sat outside but that paled when a local cyclist arrived on his classic Mercian.  A beauty...

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