Friday 18 January 2013

Cycling path rage

There's a first time for everything and on Thursday morning 7am'ish I experienced a ranting cyclist, on another Brompton no less.

I overtook said Brompton rider after St Katherine's dock; he was only ambling along and he was wearing one of those old cycling helmets that look like you've got a boiled egg on your head and, I guess in the interests of being hi-viz, he had a yellow shower cap stretched over it. 
My route was the normal one via Wapping and through the King Edward VII park but when I exited onto Narrow street I got overtaken by the same Brompton cyclist.  I am in no hurry to get to work in the mornings so I generally just spin along but I'd previously overtaken him easily so I guess he was trying to score a scalp. I jumped onto his wheel for an easy tow.
We both turned right (into Colt street, I think it is called) where there is quite a large drain cover on the junction.  I'm always a bit wary of this drain cover, especially in the wet and more so when it is -4, so I cut the corner. The other Brompton rider took it wide and I found myself ahead of him and carrying a bit more speed.

The other Brompton rider caught me up though and shouted that I had cut him up and that it was bad enough having to watch out for car drivers.  I mumbled an acknowledgement but didn't go as far as apologising as I think he was exaggerating.

But he wouldn't let it lie. I was still spinning along and he continued shouting behind me - "was that an apology?", "did I know how dangerous it could have been?" and on and on.

Even when we got to the steps to Westferry Circus he was still having a rant.  I ignored him.

With hindsight maybe I should have just apologised regardless, like a true gentleman, but I knew I was nowhere near him. 

Anyway I didn't punch him.

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