Sunday 20 January 2013

If Elvis had a bike

...maybe he wouldn't have died on the toilet.

A road pedal was out of the question today as we've had several inches of snow.  So my hardtail mountain bike came out to play.

Bib shorts, leg warmers, high-neck long sleeved base layer, fleece lined jacket, shower proof cape and gloves = toasty.

I decided to stay away from the roads due to the risk of out of control cars. My route took me across Flitwick moor, Flitton moor, across to Water End and into Maulden Woods.

The narrow bridle paths in the woods were heavily rutted and my tyres dug through the snow and into sections of bog on a couple of occasions -deep enough to stand the bike upright. Thankfully my feet remained dry.


The descent down from Maulden church was treacherous and the compacted snow from the resident's sledging spat me off the bike and sent me sliding down the road on my derrier. With a bruised pride and a bump on the knee, I decided to call it a day. 

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