Sunday 4 November 2012

Total saturation

I rode the Leighton Buzzard reliability ride today. Well I think I did.

I set off in the rain at 7am to ride the 13miles to the start and it was pouring down.  I rode my Basso, still fitted with the clip-on rear mudguard so my bum stayed dry (but nothing else did).

The rain never stopped and it was like deja vu from the spring Evans Ride-It Hatfield event. I peered out beneath the peak of my cap and over the top of my misted up prescription Oakleys trying to navigate around the route.

True to form, I got off-route. I climbed Mentmore hill twice, recall riding up the Crong and spent the wet and very windy morning riding through flooded roads navigating by arrows at the road junctions.

I got soaked through and I soon realised I was following black arrows on yellow signs from other sportives.  The Chilterns is clearly a popular place for cycle events and, quite possibly, organisers are a tad lazy when it comes to clearing up their signage.  I spotted four different types of event signs, not including the LBRCC arrows.

Have cycle sportives/reliability rides reached saturation point?

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