Saturday 19 October 2013

Early MiB?

When I was younger paintings by L.S. Lowry (not the originals) were hung in the family home and in my Grandparents'. I recall scanning the individuals painted in each picture trying to spot unusual hats or something slightly different from any of the other paintings. I also used to count the number of matchstick dogs for some reason.

I still admire L.S. Lowry's work and went to the Tate Britain exhibition today. The exhibit was very popular and it was a little difficult to see all of the paintings in detail but, where I could, I found myself trying to find unusual looking features and I even started to count the number of dogs.

For the first time ever I spotted a cyclist and I took a cheeky photograph souvenir with my iPhone. Laurence Stephen Lowry painted a picture of a Rapha Condor JLT can definitely make out the white armband on the black jersey:

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