Sunday 6 October 2013

Born again Basso

A new wheelset, new brake callipers and totally re-cabled.

I procrastinated on a new hand built wheelset, considered a used set of wheels with Chris King classic hubs and finally decided on a pair of Shimano C35 wheels. I couldn't afford the Dura Ace clinchers so decided on the RS81 Ultegra version.  The RS81 is the new 11 speed hub, but to fit a 10-speed cassette is straightforward - you fit the normal 1mm spacer ring and a new 1.85mm spacer that comes in the bag of spares with the wheels.


The old Ultegra callipers had seen better days and a good friend gifted me a pair of 7700 Dura Ace callipers in like new condition complete with Swissstop green brake pads.

I re-cabled the bike with the new Jagwire road pro kit in a carbon silver outer effect and finished the re-build with black Lizard Skin DSP bar tape.

It is a beautiful bicycle and I am looking forward to using it again and getting out for a long pedal, however I am toying with the idea of selling it - shock horror.


  1. It looks mint but you forgot put the chain in the big dog. Tut tut BMc, a flagrant rule violation. All we need now is some bad weather!

  2. Oops. Rule #26 and #29 contravened. I might also have to check for #46.
    However - rule #50 and check your bottom bracket - rule #65 :-)

  3. Now fully compliant with #65 and the principle of silence. Rule 50 may have to wait until the Spring and a set of sheep shears. Did we both violate some rule that dictates that you ride your bike on a beautiful Sunday morning rather than fettle it?

  4. Indeed, no pedal on Sunday but I don't feel too guilty as I rode 80km on Friday and at least 100km on Saturday :-)