Sunday 10 June 2012

Nocturne folding bike race

How to win a folding bike race:
  1. Run like the clappers. Think of it as getting off the 08:16 at Waterloo
  2. Try and remember where your bike is parked. This avoides any backtracking and head-on collisions with irate tie-wearing runners
  3. Ignore the thousands of laughing bystanders. This is serious. Put on your best race face
  4. Sartorial considerations are of prime importance. Looking good is essential. Flip-flops or flapping flares, however, are a no-no.
  5. Fast assembly - which you have been practising like a squaddie on rifle drill - is a must. Do not forget to tighten the handlebar clamp, or your world will go very wobbly, very quickly
  6. Sprint away, find a well-covered gentleman to follow five laps, then pop out from behind his ample behind and wave at the crowd. Winner!

I read the above in the event programme on the train returning home after a superb evening at Smithfield with my family. 

The racing for me started at 4pm with a few warm up laps of the circuit ahead of the folding bike heats with the folding bike race final at 8:20pm and it felt special to be participating whilst also joining the crowds to watch the other races.

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  1. The event is going to be televised on Saturday on Channel 4 -