Thursday 28 February 2013

I'm ready (I think)

The Winter base miles have helped me maintain a good level of fitness and my speed, strength and endurance now is comparable with my peaks in June and August last year.

Is it going to be good enough for the first road race of the season?

Today's lunchtime solo training ride went well and, despite the blustery weather, I am beating or getting close to my Personal Records.  Those above me on segments appear to be in a higher race category than me and are almost certainly younger than me, so I shouldn't be racing them in either BC or LVRC events. Phew!

Preparation: I'm in the process of servicing my race bike to make sure I have no excuses - The blustery weather has been bad enough to get me to ride on the drops for long periods of time - I am able to keep up with the fast group on the local club training rides - I'm getting up hills reasonably well and I'm still dieting - I'm practicing for sprints - I have renewed my race licence and I have my club kit.

The first race of the season is on a closed road for 1 hour and 5 laps.  My only concern is whether I can maintain the necessary speed to finish with dignity (and maybe some points). I recall seeing the average speed for the circuit was over 23mph!

I'm ready - I think.

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  1. I can't wait to hear about BMc racing. Who will you be? TvG, Cuddles, Gilbert or Hushovd? I reckon it's got to be the Bull of Beds putting the Hammer down. Good luck at the Bowl next week.