Thursday 20 September 2012

St Katherine's dock Troll

Mildy inconvenienced.

The route I choose to take each day on my Brompton commute is via St. Katherine's dock and the bridge has been taken away.  There is an alternative pedestrian bridge that runs across the top of the lock and I suspect that one or two cyclists have been guilty of anti-social behaviour.

Clearly there has been some sort of incident and prominent no cycling signs have been erected everywhere.

And the Troll?  A security guard now stands watch over the bridge to ensure cyclists (who can't read) dismount.

I wonder how long the bridge will take to repair (before it becomes an irritation)?


  1. Troll is the correct word but its not the security guard's fault. I use that route on occasion and was there when this woman went off on one at a cyclist who had only half dismounted (you could tell she was one of those miserable posh women who just complain about everything). Anyway it was no surprise to me when the signs etc went up a few days later. I found out recently that the security guards monitor the bridge because former mp David mellor, who lives nearby, complained about cyclists not dismounting. After a quick google it turns out that David mellor's new girlfriend (Penelope, Viscountess Cobham) was the toxic women who was ranting at the cyclist. Another abuse of power and great use of our taxes

  2. I agree, Troll is a bit harsh as they are only doing a job. One or two are reasonably friendly and they wish me a Good Morning as I walk across the footbridge. I enquired when the road bridge is expected to be repaired and apparently it could be a further two months.

    I wonder if the Viscountess is a toe sucker? ;-)

  3. This morning I spotted David Mellor walking across the Troll bridge. He's looking very old and fat.