Thursday 27 September 2012

Deadly rubber

I think it is in Armstrong's first autobiography, but I recall reading that when he lived in Girona he had a bike area in his apartment with a section for the 'shit that sticks'.  At the time of reading I wasn't sure whether he was referring to good stuff that he kept or if it was a typo and it should have read 'stinks'.

I've got a back tyre on my Brompton that certainly doesn't stick and I'm going to get something better as soon as I can decide what.

The Schwalbe Marathon tyre stinks! Do not buy them as they are deadly in the wet.

The tyre wall indicates the maximum pressure should be 65PSI but I have resorted to running my back tyre at 45PSI just to get any grip on damp roads.  I have been sticking with it (no pun intended) throughout the summer, but I had a brown pants moment in the wet weather this week whilst turning right into a junction.  I think Valentino Rossi would have been impressed by the way I recovered from what felt like an enormous rear wheel slide.
The Schwalbe Marathon Plus has been recommended but I'm cogitating whether I want to risk wasting more money with Schwalbe.
What's the alternative?

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  1. Panaracer Crosstown purchased - let's see whether it sticks or stinks