Saturday, 1 September 2012

Brompton chain replacement

Yet another replacement chain on my Brompton :-(

I suppose I shouldn't grumble as I managed to get 6 months out of the previous chain, so about 1,000 miles. Total cost of replacement chain and sprockets = £25.00 Alternative cost of buying daily return tickets on DLR would have been £806.40!

Of course I had the additional cost of cleaning and lubrication products.  For interest I clean the chain each week. My personal procedure is to clean the chain with Kaboom in a Barbieri cleaner, then I rinse the chain off with a hosepipe, wipe dry with an old cloth, turning the cranks I spray the chain with GT85 (to displace the water and add some PTFE), wipe dry again and then I oil the chain with Finish Line wet. I follow Sheldon Brown's advice on applying the oil. Depending upon the weather and conditions on my weekly commute, mid-week I occasionally wipe the chain with a cloth or wet-wipe and apply a bit more oil.

Stirred by a query by a London Brompton Club member, I decided to go for a KMC chain again (as opposed to SRAM or Wipperman). So X8.93 1/2 inch x 3/32 inch chain is now fitted and we'll see if I get much more than a 1,000 miles out of it in support of their guarantee...

Unique Guarantee:
The life of your new KMC XX-SP chain is guaranteed to last
longer than other brands. Double X Durability treatment
includes all X-SL, X-EL, X-L and X1 models. If you are not
satisfied with the durability of your chain, mail to DoubleX@
kmc Should you have a valid complaint you will
receive a replacement chain with our compliments.

What to do with the old, worn chain? Reduce/Re-use/Recycle - how about glueing it to the border of a plain picture frame?


  1. Talking of Brompton's, do you watch The Cycle Show on ITV4?

    Look who I spotted!

    Here is the link to the episode:

    Your brief appearance was at around 38 minutes.


  2. Autographed photographs are now selling on Ebay for 0.99p plus postage :-)

  3. Good posting I've been thinking about using a something to clean my chain and didn't have a clue on what devices where any good.

    Awesome idea for the old chain, giving me ideas. Always a bad then when I get ideas >:P

    oh btw I make an appearance in the same Cycle Show and get interviewed abit too >:P

    Autographs on eBay for £5 each, personalised £10 :P

  4. A little known fact, Barbieri invented the chain cleaner in 1983 and holds the patent -