Sunday 26 February 2012

Choices, choices, choices

I couldn't decide which bicycle to take for a spin, so flipped a coin and chose the Wilier. 

There was an option of doing the CC Luton reliability ride today but I decided to go out by myself on one of my training routes and compare my performance with last year. The route is 64 miles with 3,300 feet of climbing.

Today, I averaged an ok 17.5mph.  My heart rate averaged 134bpm with a maximum 158bpm.  Looking back at my Garmin stats when I completed the same route in early 2011 at about the same speed, my average heart rate was 137bpm with a maximum of about the same, so I think I'm a little fitter than this time last year. 

Stats for the week:
  • Weight loss - 3lbs
  • Commutes - 4
  • Scalps lost - 1, as my wife beat me on our family mountain bike ride on Saturday :-(
  • Total road miles - 85

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