Tuesday 10 January 2012

Long lane to Toddington

My 17 mile, lunchtime training ride passes through the village of Tingrith

It is only a short ride but has a few climbs (10% maximum gradient), some technical corners (descending at 30mph+ from Milton Bryan) and uses quiet lanes.  I use it to gauge my fitness (ignoring the weather and the fact that I swap which bike I use) and simply compare average speeds.

Today's was an improvement on my previous pedal this year but still 2.5mph less than my personal best from June last year.


  1. I have cycled through those alines myself, including huffing and puffing up Long Lane into Toddington. I read the link regarding Milton Bryan - fascinating - I had no idea of the WW2 connection. Talking of Milton Bryan, have you come across the village pond, where there was once a church on stilts?
    Nice blog!
    Regards, Doug.

  2. Thanks Doug - I'm having a few difficulties adding to the blog at the moment which I think is due to a recent upgrade to my Internet Explorer.

    I also find the WW2 links fascinating and was unaware of the historic significance of a lot of buildings in the area. A visit to Bletchley Park was an eye opener for me as they have photographs and details of the importance of the buildings.

    I shall have to look for information about the church on stilts as it sounds incredible.

  3. Superb - http://www.mkheritage.co.uk/mkha/mkha/projects/jt/tw/docs/119.html