Saturday 14 January 2012

Historic landmarks

A short pedal this afternoon bringing my total to only about 85 miles this week.
Today's weather was frosty but, with the sun low in the very blue sky, I had a great cycle around the quiet lanes of Cardington, Willington and Old Warden.

"I don't have any more bad days. I have good days and I have great days." - Lance Armstrong.

One of the two late 19th century shelters in the village of Old Warden.

My Basso Viper in front of the vast airship hangars at Cardington.

The dovecote at Willington.

I shall write a posting specifically on my Basso at some point, but today I spotted an advert on ebay for a bicycle with the same frameset.  It is not in as good condition as mine but it should be interesting to see how much it sells for.

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