Sunday 15 September 2013

RIP wheels

I have started to give my Basso some TLC. It has been neglected for some while and I shall probably use it throughout the Winter which appears to be approaching rather suddenly.

The Basso had been cannibalised for parts during the Summer; 1" steerer spacers for my son's bike and the saddle for Brompton racing. Whilst re-assembling it I noticed the rear brake calliper had seized, the rear freehub was in a nasty state and there was an obvious cause of the puncture to the front wheel...


The rim is so worn the tyre pressure has made it give way and, what with a kaput rear freehub, I have to admit the wheelset is dead.

They were handbuilt for me by John Poyzer in 2007 and have served me well. I have ridden the cobbles of Flanders on these and up many tour climbs and they have covered thousands of miles. RIP.

What should I replace them with?

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