Saturday 28 September 2013

Cycling fiction

Joking aside, I'm struggling to think of any cycling related fiction other than Lance Armstrong's books which notoriously got moved shelves in libraries and book shops.

I enjoy reading cyclist's autobiographies, doping confessions,  anthologies and historical biographies but, I have to say, I loved 'Consumed', the cycling novel by Jonathan Budds.

The plot is superb, the writing insightful and it is one of those wonderful books that gives you the impetuous to seek out more good literature. If only there were more cycling-related fictional books.

...and an odd photograph I took of a big Porkie, thrown in just because ;-)


  1. I recommend "The Rider" by Tim Krabbe, it's a few years since I read it now, but definitely worth a read.

  2. Hi Chris, I hope you are keeping well :-)

    The Rider has now moved to the top of my book wish list. I have just finished reading Malachi o'Doherty's On My Own Two Wheels which was a bit lacklustre, so I need to pick up a good book otherwise I will end up buying the latest edition of Rouleur (which isn't a bad thing)