Thursday 14 March 2013

Pedaling and peddling

Here's a theory - Obsessive Compulsives like to play with train sets and are happy to create diorama's and play alone whereas Obsessive Competitors prefer Scalextric because they have two lanes and provide the means to race against someone...

I peddled my son's KMX Kart recently as he had outgrown it and, since I had already bought him an adults version to replace it, I thought he was happy.  However, he's clearly not the train set sort of person and whilst we had two karts he had enjoyed racing me, both of us pedaling around our quiet close. He stated we needed another bike and also managed to convince my wife :-)


So I went on a quest to find another adult Kart and was lucky to procure a really good, hardly used model.

N=19 again :-)

1 comment:

  1. That's a real beauty Mr Beds, I'm only sorry that we were too busy chatting as I forgot to ask to have a go on it.

    The Brompton Badger