Saturday 30 March 2013

More racing

No points today but I wasn't even expecting to keep up so I am not disappointed. 

Today's race was the Phil Corley sponsored 4th Cat, 19 miles (45 minutes and 3 laps) MK Bowl counter-clockwise. I recognised a group of racers from team Twenty3C and realised that they had spent the last two weeks at a training camp in Mallorca.  Fast then... nope, in fact the tempo felt relaxed but as a result the bunch were very tightly packed.


I got to the front on a couple of occasions and tried to attack but got reeled in each time.

Nearing the finish I managed to avoid the crashes but I got boxed in and wasn't able to sprint for the line. A quick count of the riders ahead of me over the line and I was perhaps 12th or 13th.

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