Saturday 7 July 2012

Obey the rules

Whilst arranging for the next Chinook-O pedal, I was reminded of the 'rules' in particular rules 5 and 9 in the context of riding in this on-going foul weather.

The Velominati keepers maintain the essential rules and I'd like to emphasise rule 53 with a recommendation...

I recommend that you remain observant whilst cycling. It might save your life. It could help you avoid the Tour de France-like crashes we've seen this week and, if you find yourself in a lonely place on a long sportive, you might feel less negative if you look around and appreciate the beautiful scenery you have paid to cycle through.

On the recent l'Ardechoise the views over the Rhone, the Puys, the Loire gorges and the wildlife were superb. 

I spotted a black kite and two snakes whilst suffering on the climbs and on some fast riding in groups I spotted some 'ugly gorges'.  When I'm sat on another cyclists' wheel I cover my brakes and concentrate on what is immediately in front of me. On two occasions during the l'Ardechoise I could not believe how thin some riders will let their lycra shorts become and still think they can wear them. 

Rule 53: Keep your kit clean and new!  Lycra has a tendency to become almost translucent after many wash cycles and the crack of your arse is not a pleasant view.  You'd feel pretty embarrassed if you were riding in torn shorts with your arse on display so please check your shorts haven't turned into tracing paper.

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  1. Hoped you made a full recovery. Be careful out there.