Friday 20 July 2012


For the last couple of years I have had a subscription to Cycle Sport magazine and avidly followed all the news on pro tour road racing, but I have found that the reports have been getting a bit repetitive with the same set of cyclist being interviewed, so I have been looking for alternative publications, ideally covering the whole gamut of cycling.

 I was aware of Rouleur magazine but, for some reason never bought a copy and just watched in disbelief at how collectors were paying over £100 for early editions.  I was given the latest edition in the goodie bag from the Smithfield Nocture and I can see the attraction as the photographs and articles are great. However it is a little too specialised to give me a one-hit fix of all things bikes each month.

Sadly I can't find anything which combines all-things-bicycle related in one magazine and so I am probably going to become one of those annoying people you see at WHSmith who appears to be thumbing through every magazine.

Surely there's a publication with what I'm looking for. A combination of:
Where can you read about road, mountain, single speed, downhill, bmx, grasstrack, polo, cyclocross, northshore, 4X, track, touring, folding bikes, commuters' stories and feedback, unbiased reviews of clothing, bikes and kit (including long term usage evaluations), write ups on sportives, racers' own reports... and the best cycle friendly cafes?

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