Tuesday 5 February 2013

Cookies in my basket

Since May 2012 EU websites have to state whether they deposit cookies on your PC and seek your approval. In the UK, the law is slightly different, notice has to be provided and if you choose to continue then approval is implied.

An example of a cookie from a website could be a shopping wishlist or a basket of goodies that you dream of owning, maybe your ultimate bike a Colnago C59 with Campagnolo EPS perhaps?

Once this cookie is downloaded onto your website you need to keep your wits about you. If you return to the same site at a later date to innocently buy some ball bearings for instance, then the £1.99 purchase may turn into the surprise delivery of the Colnago with a spurious bag of stainless balls.

I have some unexpected goodies currently being couriered to my door.

On Sunday I rode over to Cardington to participate in the Beds Road cc reliability ride and by the time I had got home with 86 miles in my legs I was spent. On the ride I noticed that my rear RS80-C50 wheel was making some groaning noises, so, back at home, I searched the internet for the appropriate service parts and pressed buy it now without giving any regard to the content of my basket. I spent more than I anticipated.

Fortunately the site wasn't the one where I build my dream bike but the one where I buy many of the replacement parts for my Brompton and my cookie contained the new parts I was considering for my S2L.  A shame really as I'd prefer to be riding around on a lovely piece of Italian carbon this weekend rather than fitting some new mudguards to my Brompton.


  1. That is the best excuse that I have ever heard.
    Do you mind if I use it? It's got to be worth a try at least once.

  2. You're the actor so if anyone could pull it off...

  3. How on earth could you even consider, never mind state that you would rather be spending money on anything but your Brompton.
    Outrageous, I say Sir.

    ;o)Mick "The Mentor" B.