Tuesday 26 February 2013

A fortnight in the life of Mr Beds

It seems like ages ago, but one weekend it was warm enough to use the hose pipe and clean the bikes that had been used during the previous weeks and shamefully put away in a dirty state.  Thankfully I have several bikes to abuse but there is no excuse for being negligent.
Five bicycles to clean!
During the TLC I had to fix three punctures, replace two chains, replace one bottom bracket, fit new brake cartridges and I made a start on servicing the hubs on three sets of road wheels.
Whilst I get a lot of satisfaction in cleaning and servicing my bicycles, it cannot compare to getting out on the bike.  My first race of the season is now only two weeks away and so I have been concentrating on building on my strength and speed and not so much on endurance.
Eight Brompton commutes, now on a new Green Label rear tyre = a very pleasing, fast 88 miles.
Two lunchtime road training rides = 34 miles and some new PBs on Strava despite the blustery weather
A 31 mile ride weekend solo leg spinner on icy roads
A training ride with my 11 year old son
And a superb 66 mile cycle sportive with my friend Rick in sub-zero temperatures, on icy roads.
I shall leave it up to Rick to say how essential it is to keep your bike cleaned and serviced and what spares should be carried...

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  1. Firstly let me say that if you are planning to mangle your chain in a freak incident with the front mech then it is essential that the lower seat tube of your bike should be absolutely filthy. This way, when you need to quickly ascertain the correct position of said band on front mech post mangle you simply need to reposition it on the clean section of the tube.
    Secondly, always recycle your KMC master links! I finished the Phil Cooke with three master links on my chain and it would have been a long walk home from Warwickshire to Harrold without them.
    Finally, never, ever try to race BMc up a punchy climb whilst wearing a novelty Northwave skeleton jersey, he will rip your legs off and hide them in a ditch.
    Thanks for a great day out, I am looking forward to the Hell of the North. My Condor is off for some TLC from John at Priory Marina Cycles on Thursday. Meanwhile, I've done a couple of 100km rides into London on my Evans cheapie. The front mech is playing up but responds to a good kick if the spring sticks. It will get a clean and service tomorrow.