Wednesday 16 January 2013

Unfinished news

I'm a grumpy old git and like most old gits I like to have a moan. I frequently moan at the level of reporting in the news and at the journalists who are happy to give shock news but then fail to give any follow on report of how it culminated.

For example, the Essex Lion. The spotting of a roaming Lion near a caravan park in Essex was huge news but did we ever see a realistic report to say what shocked holidayers had actually seen? I don't recall seeing any national television news report showing a little old lady, residing in the area and whose rather large dog (resembling a lion) was let off the lead - tales of a ginger tom cat doesn't cut it with me.

I'd like to see follow-on news, which is one of the reasons why I enjoyed The Cycling Anthology book.

There's no update on escaped lions but several 'essays' from notable cycling journalists and authors of books, some of which have written books that I have read and (mostly) enjoyed.  The anthology book is great because it gave these authors the opportunity to write post-script book anecdotes and I relished them.

Highly recommended...(even if you are not a grumpy old git).

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