Sunday 27 January 2013

Mick, my mentor

Self doubt, lack of confidence, questioning my ability to compete at the level I'd like to: generally how I've been feeling recently. However I have Mick and his wise words and inspirational guidance to overcome my negative thoughts.

Today I went for a pedal...
  • Fortunately the snow had gone.
  • Unfortunately the roads were flooded.
  • Fortunately I had taken my Basso fitted with a mudguard.
  • Unfortunately my feet got wet when riding through the flooded roads
  • Fortunately the temperature was a mild 8 degrees and the sky was blue. My feet didn't take too long to dry
  • Unfortunately it was blowing a gale
  • Fortunately my friend Rick joined me and, whilst we chatted, the miles went by
  • Unfortunately my average speed was a bit low
  • Fortunately it was because of the wind and the 3,821 feet of climbing
  • Unfortunately it didn't look as though I was going to do a metric century
  • Fortunately I rode around the block to bring my mileage over 63miles!
More base miles on quiet country lanes. Thank you to Rick for the welcomed company and the frequent shelter behind his oversized Gore jacket.

And a big thank you to Mick for the flattering comments.

Thanks Rick and Mick :-)


  1. Fortunately the sun was shining.
    Fortunately we pedalled along some beautiful roads.
    Fortunately we stopped at the excellent cyclist's cafe at Whitwell.
    Fortunately the company was excellent.
    Fortunately it was a great day out.
    We'll do it quicker when we don't have to Ford lakes of snow melt on our summer bikes.

    Cheers for a great day out.

  2. :-)

    I'm trying to be a 'glass half full man' and you're clearly a 'full pint man'

  3. Now you're talking! I could do with a pint. No half measures.

  4. Rule #6 // Free your mind and your legs will follow.
    Your mind is your worst enemy. Do all your thinking before you start riding your bike. Once the pedals start to turn, wrap yourself in the sensations of the ride – the smell of the air, the sound of the tires, the feeling of flight as the bicycle rolls over the road.