Saturday 19 May 2012

Chain replacement

I clean and lubricate my chain regularly and occasionally check the chain for wear.  An excessively worn chain will damage the teeth on the chainrings and sprockets so it is a false economy to not replace your chain regularly.

How to check for a worn chain:

This tool is probably the most accurate and shows that my Basso chain should be replaced as it has exceeded 75% wear.

Whereas this tool is more basic and the 75% feeler doesn't quite slot between the chain teeth indicating the chain doesn't need replacing yet.
I bought a new KMC X10-L chain for £26.  Fitting a new chain is simple especially with the connectors you get with the likes of KMC and Wippermann chains.  I have the (£8) tool to remove the chain connector but it is possible to do it by squeezing the connector link together with just your hands.

Then it is just a case of removing a couple of links on the new chain, using a chain splitter tool, to make it the same length as the old and then refitting with the new chain connector.

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