Sunday 22 April 2012

Dry window

It has been raining all week and when it wasn't raining it was hailing.  Actually that's not true, as my lunchtime training ride on Tuesday remained dry for the hour and I only got soaked through on one leg of my 3 days commute.  I read on one commuter cycling forum that you should expect to get soaked through twelve times a year which is about right as I think I resort to wearing my over-trousers about that much.

This morning though it was beautiful weather and I managed to get in a 35 mile pedal on the Basso.  I followed my front wheel...
and ended up passing through the village of Langford and then on to Broom.
Before Broom there is Holme water mill owned by the Jordan cereal company who are developing a visitors centre which is due to open next year.

I stopped to take a quick photo of a decayed bust (sadly without a description) in front of the sluice.

I continued my ride going around Old Warden towards Cardington.  On route I stopped to take another photograph of a building I have been researching on the internet.

It is Warden Abbey and associated with the only vineyard in Bedfordshire.

I hadn't realised until getting to Old Warden, but today was the local road race and I stopped to watch the first lap before heading home.
A young Rapha-Condor rider was trying to solo away immediately after the neutralised zone ended.

Swiftly followed by the peloton

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  1. I read some very sad news today. A young cyclist was killed in Langford later on the same Sunday I passed through the village. She and her cycling club may well have been travelling from the 'Fleche Welwyn' road race that I photographed.